So… What Do I Hope to Bring?

My Goal is to:

  • Increase the Profile of the ACS as a leading society In the students union and within the ACS Network to its non-members and attendees.
  • Engage the Whole of the ACS and increase both attendance and participation in events via a range of activities, entertainment and events!
  • Endeavour to finally get the ACS Mentoring Partnership going, learning from the work of previous executives of the ACS Manchester committee, and from other branches of ACS in the country.
  • Bring Fresh New Ideas, Events and Frameworks to the society for the next academic year.
  • Help mould the ACS structure into one that allows access to tools, resources and esteemed individuals in the community, for cultural, social and professional growth – providing spaces to both grow and network within and outside of the society.
  • Empower our community with the confidence and knowhow to succeed during their university life and benefit from being in a network of skilled individuals and lasting friendships.

For a President that:

  • Takes initiative, is creatively minded, and brings unconventional ideas to the table
  • Sets all his efforts on a task and project to achieve history making goals.
  • Encourages a society that actively listens to its members.
  • Will steer a team to bring you more events that YOU enjoy, more opportunities for YOU to be involved, and improved access to educational and career opportunities!!



Addressing issues our community faces and uniting as a society to take down the social barriers that are often prevalent, hindering our community’s success.


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