Make the WRIGHT Choice @ the ACS Committee Elections 2011/12

ACS Committee Elections 2011/12

Name:                Dwayne Wright

Positions Running for:         PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT

University:            Manchester University – Student of Physics

♫♪ “Don’t worry… about a thing! ‘Cause every little thing, gonna be all-WRIGHT!!” ♫♪

Hey people, I’m Dwayne. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m an ACS member studying Physics at Manchester Uni, and have been involved in the ACS over the last two years, contributing to debates, shows and socials.

So… Why Am I Running for President?

I’ve previously been encouraged by other members to run in the ACS Elections, however in previous years, the time was not right for me personally… the wait has been intense… HOWEVER…

…Now it IS time…

The WRIGHT Time!!

to stand up and run for President, represent the ACS, and contribute back growth to the society and its members.

I wanted to make sure I was ready for the commitment, responsibility and dedication involved in leading a team to provide YOU with the best experience the ACS has to offer! I am passionate about this role, and want you to take ACS Manchester in the WRIGHT direction!

My aim is to make the ACS an integral and memorable part of YOUR University Experience!

ACS Manchester is one of very few arenas that brings together and houses masses of talent, intellect and potential from our common cultural and ancestral backgrounds.

I believe it is imperative we make the most of this, and focus on building a community of excellence – A community that’s based on empowering its members with the tools to build, and providing spaces to grow. And that encourages the younger generations to aspire and succeed, by helping them have access to the best of both our historical wisdom and knowledge, and today’s pioneering minds that set the standard in the present generation.

This is a key part of my motivation for standing.

want the ACS to be the best it can be, and believe I have the Wright vision to take it forwards!



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