What I hope to achieve

So… Bringing ACS In the WRIGHT Direction:

What does this mean for YOU??

Endeavouring to finally get the ACS Mentoring Partnership going.


A BIG aim of mine is to get the mentoring scheme up and running, that has been suggested the last few years. I understand the difficulties in doing such, and therefore hope to collaborate with ACS Committee Alumni to get this done. I believe this is an important project that needs finally come into fruition!


Hope you’re with me on this one!


I also want to try and establish a connection with Local Authority Schools, possibly using a team of members to host talks, presentations, or day shadowing of what university life is actually like.

Providing Entertainment –  MORE Events that YOU enjoy


  • Aiming to provide you with more of the best of comedy and talent shows, social nights, involvement with other ACSs, rave and club night affiliations, debates, and trips like Ice Skating and Cookouts!
  • More debate, discussion, forum and panellist based activities!
  • Monthly members meetings combined with social events, and a more interactive forum type format for these meetings with a topic of focus involving YOU in the future of the ACS.
  • Greater focus on Sport and inter-university competitions.

…And Exploring The Culture


  • On-point DEBATES!!!! Wright on Point!! More evenly distributed throughout the year.
  • More Collaboration and Communication with other societies including other African & Caribbean Societies in the UK!
  • More trips to places of Interest like Liverpool Slavery Museum!
  • Learning and developing inter-ACS strategies to achieve wider goals within our societies.
  • Getting more high profile people in the black community involved in events to do with the society.
  • More guest speakers, but whose contributions don’t detract or overlap with membership contribution in existing established events, such as debates.
  • Teaming up with other societies as successfully demonstrated this year by the 2011/12 ACS committee with the LGBT community, to do combined projects.

Oh and of course… MORE FOOD AT EVENTS!!!!


Ensuring our members don’t leave on a completely empty stomach.

DISCLAIMER – People with voids or singularities for stomachs are not included in this pledge!!


YES its ambitious, but NO its not unachievable!

If we never aim high with our aspirations, there is no chance of making a great change


So I’m gonna remind you…

♫♪ Mi seh nuh worry… about a thing! Cause every little thing, gonna be all-WRIGHT!! ♫♪


It’s time to UNITE and GET IT WRIGHT!!!


For an ACS that focuses on:









ACS – Aspirations Culture and Success



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