Student Cuts Talk

On Thursday, British members of Parliament were set to vote for a proposal established by the Conservative-Liberal coalition government, to raise tuition fees of students going to English universities to between £6k and £9k. Prior to the vote have been weeks of protest, by students across the country, many peaceful, some turning violent, which lead to vandalism of the Tory headquarters in London.

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Conservatives vs Students – Too far or not far enough?

It’s very difficult to determine a limit to what is acceptable and not with regards to these protests. Even though I personally wouldn’t participate in the violent protests myself, I was glad that some students took it to the level they did… in London a couple weeks ago. It made an impact, and showed the government that the public won’t necessarily stand for everything they chuck out without there being a backlash. I’m not sure what some of them are planning to do today, but general destructive and rampant behaviour by students for the sake of itself, isn’t really going to help matters. I’m somewhere on or nearby the fence with this.