Make the WRIGHT Choice @ the ACS Committee Elections 2011/12

ACS Committee Elections 2011/12

Name:                Dwayne Wright

Positions Running for:         PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT

University:            Manchester University – Student of Physics

♫♪ “Don’t worry… about a thing! ‘Cause every little thing, gonna be all-WRIGHT!!” ♫♪

Hey people, I’m Dwayne. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m an ACS member studying Physics at Manchester Uni, and have been involved in the ACS over the last two years, contributing to debates, shows and socials.

So… Why Am I Running for President?

I’ve previously been encouraged by other members to run in the ACS Elections, however in previous years, the time was not right for me personally… the wait has been intense… HOWEVER…

…Now it IS time…

The WRIGHT Time!!

to stand up and run for President, represent the ACS, and contribute back growth to the society and its members.

I wanted to make sure I was ready for the commitment, responsibility and dedication involved in leading a team to provide YOU with the best experience the ACS has to offer! I am passionate about this role, and want you to take ACS Manchester in the WRIGHT direction!

My aim is to make the ACS an integral and memorable part of YOUR University Experience!

ACS Manchester is one of very few arenas that brings together and houses masses of talent, intellect and potential from our common cultural and ancestral backgrounds.

I believe it is imperative we make the most of this, and focus on building a community of excellence – A community that’s based on empowering its members with the tools to build, and providing spaces to grow. And that encourages the younger generations to aspire and succeed, by helping them have access to the best of both our historical wisdom and knowledge, and today’s pioneering minds that set the standard in the present generation.

This is a key part of my motivation for standing.

want the ACS to be the best it can be, and believe I have the Wright vision to take it forwards!



E3 2011! About to Start!!! Who’s Going to Win?

Right! It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but with the big three E3 events in LA about start, i’ve decided now would be a great time! Stay tuned for coverage and opinions on the latest gaming news throughout the next week! Hopefully Nintendo will pull through with a true core gaming console!!


So… What Do I Hope to Bring?

My Goal is to:

  • Increase the Profile of the ACS as a leading society In the students union and within the ACS Network to its non-members and attendees.
  • Engage the Whole of the ACS and increase both attendance and participation in events via a range of activities, entertainment and events!
  • Endeavour to finally get the ACS Mentoring Partnership going, learning from the work of previous executives of the ACS Manchester committee, and from other branches of ACS in the country.
  • Bring Fresh New Ideas, Events and Frameworks to the society for the next academic year.
  • Help mould the ACS structure into one that allows access to tools, resources and esteemed individuals in the community, for cultural, social and professional growth – providing spaces to both grow and network within and outside of the society.
  • Empower our community with the confidence and knowhow to succeed during their university life and benefit from being in a network of skilled individuals and lasting friendships.

For a President that:

  • Takes initiative, is creatively minded, and brings unconventional ideas to the table
  • Sets all his efforts on a task and project to achieve history making goals.
  • Encourages a society that actively listens to its members.
  • Will steer a team to bring you more events that YOU enjoy, more opportunities for YOU to be involved, and improved access to educational and career opportunities!!



Addressing issues our community faces and uniting as a society to take down the social barriers that are often prevalent, hindering our community’s success.

Student Cuts Talk

On Thursday, British members of Parliament were set to vote for a proposal established by the Conservative-Liberal coalition government, to raise tuition fees of students going to English universities to between £6k and £9k. Prior to the vote have been weeks of protest, by students across the country, many peaceful, some turning violent, which lead to vandalism of the Tory headquarters in London.

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“Everything I say to you is a lie”

This week, I was asked a particularly mind-twisting question by a friend on Facebook: –

A man walks up to you and says “everything that I say to you is a lie”. Is the man telling the truth or is he lying?

If true – it is paradoxial, If false there is no conflict. You can’t determine whether the statement is true or false without more information.


Conservatives vs Students – Too far or not far enough?

It’s very difficult to determine a limit to what is acceptable and not with regards to these protests. Even though I personally wouldn’t participate in the violent protests myself, I was glad that some students took it to the level they did… in London a couple weeks ago. It made an impact, and showed the government that the public won’t necessarily stand for everything they chuck out without there being a backlash. I’m not sure what some of them are planning to do today, but general destructive and rampant behaviour by students for the sake of itself, isn’t really going to help matters. I’m somewhere on or nearby the fence with this.

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome! It’s not 2011 yet, however I’m taking the initative to start some new year’s changes a month early with new my newly created blog – . In the upcoming weeks there will be a number of test posts, articles and rants, before deciding a definite structure for the year ahead. Please stop by to read when you have time, hope you enjoy!